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Ton Sai Beach, The Rock Climbers Paradise

Ton Sai is one of those places that any rock climber in the world wants to visit. Some of them who have been there, are calling it “rock climbers’ paradise.” From what we have seen, its reputation is well-deserved. Here we will go through some stuff that makes it the Mecca of rock climbing in Southeast Asia.

How good is rock climbing in Ton Sai?

There are hundreds of routes, varying from 6a to 8c. That way there are routes for climbers with all skills, from intermediate to advance. Some of the hardest routes are overhanging and extremely challenging. The limestone rocks on some routes are polished which makes the challenge harder. But once you get to the top, the reward is worth the effort as you will be served a stunning panoramic view. Most rock climbers give it 10/10.

Best time to go to Ton Sai beach

There are practically two seasons in Ton Sai, low (from April to October), and high (from November to March).

The high season is the best time to go rock climbing in Ton Sai. The weather, for the most part at least, is clear and sunny. After January it gets a bit chillier, but there are still plenty of climbers.

Low season is okay for climbing as well, but it rains more frequently. If it rains, it does for a couple of hours after which the sun comes out almost instantly. Almost all of the crags dry up quite fast and are ready to climb. September and October are the rainiest months of all.

How to get to Ton Sai beach?

Even though Ton Sai is not an island, you still get the feeling it is. It can be reached by a boat from Ao Nang. There are regular boat tours during the day and cost around 100 THB (one way). But before you go from Ao Nang to Ton Sai, you need to get from Krabi Town to Ao Nang. There are regular buses that go from both Krabi Town and Krabi Airport to Ao Nang.

How to book a tour?

There are tons of tourist agencies and websites like YonderTours where you can book a rock climbing tour. The alternative is to plan a trip on your own. Book a ticket, find local transportation, find accommodation in Ton Sai, and pack your stuff.


In any case, if rock climbing is your thing, Ton Sai Beach is where you want to go. Here is a sum of all the features that make Ton Sai so amazing:

  • Great crags, some of the best in Southeast Asia.
  • You can go on a budget. Grab whatever cash you have saved for traveling, and you may be pleasantly surprised how affordable is staying in Ton Sai.
  • The surrounding scenery is breath-taking.
  • Great climate.
  • Be part of an international community of rock climbers. September and October are the two months when there aren’t too many rock climbers staying in the area. Other then there you can find and hang with climbers from every country in the world.