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Outdoor Adventures: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is full of fascinating culture, amazing temples, friendly locals, and beautiful landscape. This city has a calm and relaxed vibe, making it one of the most favorite places for tourist who wants to get away from a busy metropolis. Whether you want to enjoy luxury hotels or backpacking, tourists with any type of budget can enjoy this beautiful city.

The natural beauty is one of its magical charms that draw people in. You can enjoy numerous outdoor activities here. From cycling, zip lining, camping, all is available for you to choose. This list can help you plan your next trip to Chiang Mai!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Chiang Mai’s many mountains and national parks is pleasant adventure. You don’t have to be an experienced mountain biker because guided tours for any level are available. There are several tracks you can choose; the most popular one for beginners is Doi Suthep National Park. You can enjoy a downhill ride while adoring the beautiful view of the natural park.

Trekking and Camping

This city is packed with waterfalls and national parks, but if you want to trek and camp near a waterfall cool stream, Mae Takhrai National Park is the place for you. The national park is surrounded by many kinds of forests filled with wild animals. It’s the perfect place to get lost in nature! You can trek the jungles and camp in one of the camping grounds. The camping ground in this park is not super popular so you can say that it is a hidden gem. You can enjoy a peaceful day far from any busy traffic. There are also shelters for tourists if you don’t like camping.

Visiting Ethical Elephant Camps

Photo Credit: Save Elephant Foundation

Playing with elephants sparked a lot of controversy because a lot of elephant camps are unethical. So make sure you do your research before going to one. There are responsible elephant camps in Chiang Mai that offers various things to do and see. These elephant camps let tourists be in the elephant’s environment without any forced human contact with the animals. The best places to have an “elephant experience” are Mae Tamman Elephant camp and Patara Elephant Farm.

Zip Lining

Fly with the birds by zip lining in Chiang Mai’s lush jungles. It might sound scary especially if you’re afraid of heights, but you have nothing to worry about because zip lining is actually an adrenaline pumping activity that all ages can enjoy. You can enjoy incredible jungle scenery from above, which makes zip lining a truly memorable experience.

Rock Climbing

Photo Credit: CMRCA Website

If you’re really craving an adventure or excitement, then you should try rock climbing. With over 150 routes and 35 caves, Crazy Horse Buttress is a popular spot for rock climbing in Chiang Mai. Its limestone crag invites people to have an incredible adventure. However, you will rarely see big crowds here; so many routes will be available to climb every day. Come with a partner to make climbing the routes easier. It’s best to bring your own gear, but you can always rent gear (and meet partners) in the CMRCA shop.